Current Projects

SKYF Youth Club

SKYF have started a senior youth club session every Friday from 5-8pm at the REED Centre Coville Ward. Since we have started the new youth club, the numbers have been continuously growing. Additional youth club sessions…

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SKYF Youth Media

SKYF Youth have delivered a series of Media projects from Website Design, Podcasts, Mobile App Design workshops…

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SKYF Mothers & Ladies Club

SKYF supports mums to explore and find ways to transform how they function within their families and how the families’ behaviour impacts communities. Previous sessions involved art projects, photography workshops and exclusion training.

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SKYF Art Programmes

A new collective mural inspired by reflections and interactions was created during the Shubbak Festive, as well as Mosaics-making for mindfulness for the SKY.F ladies club. This short course, explored basic techniques to create…

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SKYF Wellbeing Programmes

Ourmala teamed up with us to deliver a 7 weeks yoga programme for men, which was held in Bay20. The aim of the full 7 weeks was to reduce stress levels and improve overall mental and physical wellbeing. The post programme feedback was…

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SKYF Community Programmes

SKYF have been working closely with Total Family Coaching when operating the SKY.F Ladies club in Bay20. Total Family Coaching works with households to explore and find ways to transform how they function within their…

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